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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Prabakarans Died like an Inexperienced Soldier

Prabakaran's injury was very common among SLA casualties , specially new recruits. It is very consistent with a close quarter wound sustained at a distance of about 50-100 meters by a heavy caliber bullet. Its Ironic if SLA used the heavy caliber anti air craft guns captured from LTTE against Prabakaran himself.

The rule is to lie down and keep your head down during heavy fire and retreat. Most new recruits lift their head up instinctively at the first moment they sense that the fire is dying down, just to get hit on the forehead by a bullet.

Experienced soldiers never do this, you will never see such wounds on experienced soldiers. But if you have gone to funerals of your friends who died just after joining the army you would see a body with the top part of their head wrapped with bandages.

Prabakaran who never fought after the Thinnavely junction fight on that fateful day that changed Sri Lankas history July 7 1983, would not have behaved like an experienced fighter. He did the mortal mistake that thousands of fresh SLA soldiers who fell victim to him did, even a few of my dear friends. Lift his head up during a fire fight.

The injuries on the bodies of all LTTE leaders show that they were sustained by close quarter gun fights, proving again that SLA didn't use artillery let alone excessive even after all civilians were removed from the area.

Redemption at last, pro LTTE western media and government have to eat their bitter pill now.

With a heavy heart I remember all my friends who laid down their lives doing their duty, protecting us, fighting Prabakaran and the gang. May peace be with u my friends ; may you attain nibbana after seeing a future lord Buddha by your own eyes; rest well my friends, you have been avenged; we will never forget; your memories and sacrifices live with us forever. Although my memories of your noble deeds in me might die, when I leave this world, they will be passed to our children, and to our childrens' children, as long as our nation exist on this earth.

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  1. The nation will be eternaly grateful to your friends. May their stories never be forgotten and memories of them never fade. We will remember them.