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Monday, August 10, 2009

LTTEir in Sheeps cloth

KP the new LTTE supremo has been arrested. Another invincible leader has been made mortal. The LTTE lobby has been jerked to rise with sleep still in their eyes, they have pinched themselves and understood that they are not dreaming and its real. Now they are squealing about illegal arrest and an extraordinary rendition.

The LTTEirs have been dandling naked for a long time we know who they are, but at times like these when the whole pro LTTE band wagon is jolted and when they start wailing we get the opportunity to catch imposters, real LTTEirs who are in sheep’s skin.

I am talking of couse about DBS Jeyaraj. A self appointed moderate Tamil, bellows all the time through his blog about him being attacked by LTTE thugs and claims to prophecies a “Moderate Tamil” view point.

When a blood thirsty, murderous LTTE leader is killed or harmed, throughout history he has come out and glorified the callous, malevolent LTTE thug who ever it was. Arrest of KP is the latest example. In his article he vividly describe the “hard work” KP has done to establish the LTTEs’ ruthless murderous war machine.

KP is wanted by the Interpol he is a criminal to be apprehended by law enforcement anywhere in the world. Instead of revealing this venomous mans actions of drug trafficking, (2) arms trafficking, money laundering for LTTE, credit card forging, and many other crimes he committed to support the LTTE DBSJ has shrouded them as “amazing work” .

Not only had DBSJ tried to wipe the blood dripping from KP’s hands he has also accused his arrest as an “extraordinary rendition” and has made the manner of this criminals arrest the main topic. Extraordinary rendition is a term made by liberal bloggers in USA to describe US governments arresting and transportation of suspected terrorist who are not US citizens. Most of these people were innocent and had not been charged with any crimes. KP we know is wanted by Interpol, and he is wanted in India in connection with Rajiv Gandhi murder. Recently he claimed on TV, he is the leader of the illegal, ruthless terrorist group LTTE and he claimed he commands militants on the ground in Sri Lanka. His arrest is by no means illegal and although he was residing in Malaysia and has a Thai wife, he is listed as a Sri Lankan national in the Interpol website, he is an illegal immigrant in Malaysia an illegal criminal, so he has not been extraordinary renditioned he has been deported to Sri Lanka, an international wanted criminal, in charge of the ruthless terrorist outfit in Sri Lanka had been deported to Sri Lanka. DBSJ and the LTTEiers cannot help whining.

His idea of extraordinary rendition has been picked up as the official stance of the LTTE, DBSJ is the new, or recently reveled LTTE theoretician. It is his and his fellow Tamil elitists' false ideology of “discrimination against Tamils” fed the Tamil terrorist movements. DBSJ is a separatist, his racist ideology has cost Sri Lanka hundreds of thousands of lives, there is blood on your hand DBSJ.