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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

LTTE leaders likely to be used for Colombo-US formula

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 30 September 2009, 00:34 GMT]
Unconfirmed reports indicate that some noted LTTE leaders in the custody of Colombo are likely to be made to collaborate a Colombo-US formula of ‘reconciliation,’ nullifying national aspirations of Eezham Tamils. The recent visit of Colombo’s defense secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and foreign minister Rohita Bogollagama to the US was in fact aimed to discuss the details, sources in Colombo said. The visiting delegation also wanted to strike a ‘deal’ with the US on handling the LTTE cadres and suspects in its prison camps, the sources further said. Meanwhile, the war crimes report scheduled to be released by the U.S. State Department to the U.S. Congress on 21st September is delayed, allegedly due to ‘Gotabhaya involvement’, according to a report by the Inner City Press.

The international community including the US was silently watching when the five doctors who should be venerated for their services were made by Colombo to ‘confess’ contrary to truth.

Sri Lanka’s attorney general Mohan Peiris was set to arrive in Washington on Monday for discussions with his US counterpart, according to Sri Lanka justice ministry spokesman Gamini Godakanda.

“We want to study how US handled terrorist suspects, particularly hundreds of them from Al-Quaeda network, after the 9/11 attacks in New York,” the spokesman was quoted by AFP.

Colombo’s plan is to set up Special Tribunal to try LTTE suspects, expected to be numbering around 15,000, news reports said.

The leadership in Colombo trying to escape scot-free of its war crimes is now approaching US with some ‘formula,’ in the lines of which it hoodwinked UN human rights commission, observers said.

The US responses to Colombo’s approaches are yet to be known, but the very fact of US entertaining Sri Lanka to discuss matters in these lines, while that state faces serious war crimes, is raising eyebrows in the Tamil circles. Whether Colombo’s UN Representative Palitha Kohona is justified in saying that ‘winners cannot be persecuted’ is the question asked by the Tamil circles.

In the meantime, a Colombo-US formula is likely to worry India, observers said, adding that the policies of India, misguided by a few during the war, made it forfeiting all leverages first to China and now to US.

According to the observers, viewed with deep animosity always by the Sinhalese and now by Eezham Tamils, India will find it hard to regain any social goodwill either, and all land and economic interests it grabbed in the island, exploiting the situation, are on a shaky platform.

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