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Monday, November 23, 2009

A Disturbing Development.

After the Mahinda Rajapaksha government came into power, many minority parties joined the government. Unlike earlier times they joined government shedding their extremist demands. The Muslim congress (Ferial Ashraff team), are not demanding excessive benefits for the Muslim electorates, Karunan dropped Federalism, devolution and even Eelam name from his party. Even before the defeat of terrorism, separatism was being defeated by Mahinda Rajapaksha.

After the defeat of terrorism many observers believed many parties would shed separatism and advocate for unitary state. The extremist separatist like Mano Ganeshan, Rauff Hakkem, Wikramabahu Karunarathna, and Sirithunga Jayasooriya, seeing this trend floked to one place.

But recently extremist parties that met in Switzerland has declared that "Tamil struggle" is not over and have decided to demand for 13+. What reversed the defeat of separatism? Even the LTTE candidates were defeated at the Trans national government elections, the LTTE organized in Norway. There seems to be some factor that has emboldened the extremists, separatist. Suddenly they are back in action, they have political power, , they put forth conditions for candidates, they can influence the major parties to kneel for their demands.

Who is responsible for the revival of the ugly racist extremists in this country. I point my finger at one man.

Sarath Fonseka.

How far can one man's greed could take us?

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  1. when there is disunity and thus weakness on side (real or perceived ) others will try to exploit it.
    whether sarath fonseka has really created such a weakness or merely a perception wee will soon see.