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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

An open letter to General Sarath Fonseka

Honourable Sir,

This letter is from one professional to another, who delivered the utmost, which will change the history of our country.

Sir, you are our hero. It is true that many others, including the heroic soldiers who gave their lives, were involved with the recent military operations and that the credit should go to them as well. But, we all know how you gave the leadership to the military operations as a professional. We are so proud of you and you were able to give our nation the strength and an opportunity to regain the sense of pride that we had long lost.

A weekend newspaper reported that you are about to enter politics as the common presidential candidate against President Rajapaksa. We are astonished, sad and depressed - hence this letter.

As we all know, politics is a dirty game and it is not for professionals. The contemporary destructive manifestation of politics dawned much before the Tigers and could have been even a cause for the insurgency that you eliminated successfully. But, now, to see you entering the politics is beyond our comprehension. Most Lankans agree that to clean up politics, one may have to adopt the same tactics that you yourself adopted during the elimination of the LTTE. You could probably do it within, but then you are risking your life. The fate that reached our beloved personalities like Mr. Algama and Mr. Janaka Perera (I do not know their professional designations) is good testimony. Further, it seems that you are joining the group that dragged them into politics and had them killed! Do not for a moment think that these were random events- they are probably not.

Sir, you are our ideal. When you remain with us you will give us strength and not the politicians. When you are in the exterior you are free with us and yet powerful. To give us pride, please remain with us. Do not, sir, allow rats to cash in on your popularity and professionalism. Within the old sociological distinction between status and power, we prefer you to have status. Be a Brahamin and not a Khastriya.

It seems that you are not too happy with the way the others try to take the credit for what you have offered to the nation. You are not the only victim in this regard. Many scientists and professionals that I know left this country because of the way they were treated by the state. How many engineers, architects, doctors, farmers, planners, and accountants do you see on the television screens depicted as those contributing to the nation’s welfare -almost none! Media are blind and are a sinister force and a cancer in Sri Lankan society. This country progresses because of the contributions of silent professionals and other workers who do their duty, without extra payments, diligently, as you did, amid obstruction by external and internal forces.

While at Nalanda, we were taught to be vigilant of forces that bind you to local mundane phenomena. As an Anandian, I am sure you were also taught these principles. So let’s be above such ordinariness and see the reality in its true perspective- Moha is darkness, and selflessness, is power.

The common candidate, they say, if elected will facilitate the abolition of the Executive Presidency. Is that what you aspire to? Do you want you to be used as a vehicle to make traitors come back to power? There are devils and there are worse devils. I do not need to remind you that this nation has local and international enemies. Our history testifies to their existence and they operate in all spheres even at present. These enemies have different agendas. Some of them are religious, some political and some geo-political. Are you sure that you are not joining the camp of the enemies of this country. We all remember, as you once mentioned, the treacherous act of signing a treaty with Mr. Prabhakaran. We all remember how the Sri Lankan government, under pressure from the West, was hesitant to ban the LTTE. There were people who went to Pamankada and to the Salvation Army to ridicule you. Many people narrate stories of how certain politicians in the camp that is trying to cash in on your popularity, were involved in bribery and corruption. Those are only a few instances that come to mind now. Sir, please think twice and please, please, do not let us down.

The Sri Lankan political-bureaucratic machinery has transformed into something which is beyond the comprehension of any political scientist or a management specialist. A professional who transformed a hospital into an international award- winning level was served transfer orders at six o’clock in the evening; a good example of the way this system recognises the contributions of professionals. Sir, you are not alone. We all are such victims! If you find the work environment unbearable you have the right to retire or resign. Before making such a decision try to be humble; a value that we all can borrow from Christianity. Your humbleness is for the nation and it will not be a submission to power. All failing, it is our humble request to you that you must remain with us, as hero.

Honourable Sir, soon after your victory, a friend who was working in Bahamas wrote me and asked me, "Isn’t history repeating?" Yes it was! You are not an ordinary person or a commodity. You are our nation’s hero. We want to die thinking that we were living in an era of heroes and in an epoch when history repeated. We want you to be our most respected hero and not our President. Please sir, do not betray the nation.

Nimal D Kasturiaratchi
MBBS, Ph.D.Pelewatte, Battaramulla

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