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Thursday, February 11, 2010

People feel safe after SF lost

P. S. Mahawatte

The Presidential election has been peacefully concluded and Mahinda Rajapaksa was re-elected with a historic majority. Whilst campaigning, Mahinda Rajapaksa addressing the massive crowds said that he was expecting not just a victory but a historic victory to convince the so called international community to give up their machinations for a regime change.

One can see how our people have changed governments in the past by the -intelligent use of their democratic weapon the VOTE!

They have done so at this Presidential election too! We have seen that the loosing side after every election, complains of election fraud etc. mainly to maintain the morale of its supporters.

Economists and other professionals of this country must feel safe that Sarath Fonseka, has lost the election because if he won, he said that he would get rid of economists and professionals as he will not be able to give salary increases etc. because of them. I clearly heard him say this and was rather concerned about our friends in the Economic Association and the OPA! Let us briefly examine the election results.

The whole of the North and the East was rather surprisingly won by the opposition candidate Sarath Fonseka. It’s surprising because, President Rajapaksa took a special interest in looking after the IDPs and their resettlement. He spared no expense. Above all, the President has ensured that all people could live in harmony and peace without fear of the LTTE jackboot. The only explanation for Sarath Fonseka winning the North and East of the country is that the alleged secret agreement between the TNA and SF influenced the Tamil voters. The ‘white flag’ allegations made by SF may have led the Tamil people to believe that SF wanted to save the lives of LTTE terrorists! Be that as it may, President Rajapaksa has achieved what he considered most important - the establishment of Democracy which was denied to the people of the North and East for the last three decades.

The Tamil speaking people in the North, South, East and West Will no doubt now realise that they have been mislead by the TNA. A significant feature of the Presidential election is that although Digamadulla and Trincomalee was won by SF, President Rajapaksa won the postal votes of Digamadulla by 62%, Trincomalee by 63.7% and even Vanni by 51%!

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