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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ban Ki-moons Panel; Can there be any Good in this?

Its seems that Ban Ki-Moon is adamant in appointing a panel to investigate Sri Lanka.

During the 88-89 era, when there were bodies around every corner of street, when there were half burnt bodies tied to telephone pole , when bodies could be seen floating down the river behind the residence of the parliamentary majority leader. When parent didn't want their adolescent kids to walk out of the house after dusk, and even when parliamentarians revealed the dire situation at the UN. The UN didn't wink.

But just after Sri Lanka concluded a democratic election. When Sri Lanka is having the best performing stock market in the world. When the per capita income doubled withing a few years, when investors are pouring in. Just when Sri Lanka is poised to a economic boom, Ban-Ki Moon wants to investigate Sri Lanka.

But UPFA can easily turn this situation in to their political advantage. The ruling party can easily sell that this is due to the opposition parties, and they are attempting to deny the development and stability of this country for their political advantage. As a result of this "international opposition" Sri Lankan people are going to be deprived of their peacetime economic growth.

Already many analysts have tied the opposition to the international efforts to interfere in Sri Lanka. Sarath Fonseka has said in numerous times he appeals to international community and he will give witness in international courts against Sri Lanka.

Therefore it is easily sellable. The ruling party should beat this matter at public rallies, TV and news paper ads and point to the people the current opposition is behind these international interference.

When the UNP and JVP members see their voter base being eroded by this, they will go begging to the UN, pleading not to appoint any panels.


  1. Deshapaluwa:

    Thanks for the note on the DW.

    I think that every thing that the opposition does and has done actually can be made to benefit the Government campaign. I do not think that this is happenning. Maybe to a lesser degree.

    I acknowledge that there are law and order and human right problems in Sri Lanka but they are not just particular to this Government. It is my perception that law and order issues have been addressed by this Government for a certain extent. Not enough at all. Especially when it is election issues the record is dismal.(I am not talking about election results and I am referring to election campagin issues).

    I see less risk in MR getting 2/3 than in MR not getting 2/3. I think that even with 2/3 we can trust MR not to abuse power as JR did. At worst it may be just we have already experienced but if this electoral system continues we would suffer for ever since it is nearly impossible to get even closer to 2/3.

    I wish, though, that they put a detailed new constitutional reforms. The only appropriate and decent slogan came from the opposition (JVP) was to challenge the Government to openly declare proposed cahnges but when you go into details of their challenge then what they only demonstrate is that they are a ludicrous bunch.

    If they stop at "If you are asking for 2/3, reveal your details in writing." It could have decent, respectable and thoughtful slogan which would have served the Nation.

    We cannot get feathers from tortise.

    Swarnajith Udana

  2. Also, those human right violations were not the concern of our International long nosers for the reason that those events were perpitrated by their devotees.

    This is not about "human rights". It is about their nose-rights.

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  4. "This is not about "human rights". It is about their nose-rights."

    Nicely put SU

  5. SU with regards to constitutional change, first we need stability and economic growth.

    I am also extremely concerned with the gross level of interference and "internationalisation" of Sir Lanka.

    I fear that when such change is attempted or made these foreign forces -through their lackeys-will slip in a clause or something that will be debilitating to us.

    When the Government tried the APRC all the "constitutional experts" (other than the chief nut running it who was a loony from the beginning) and many others were bribed by Berghoff Foundation producing a pile of crap that was rightfully binned.

    That may possible happen again.

    Rather than a complete overhaul hopefully we will see amendments to address issues such as corruption and thuggary.