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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Channel 4 video exposed- Prabakaran or Isaippiriya?

Channel 4 network has released another alleged "Sri Lanka war crimes video" This new video is an extended version of the infamous first video. The LTTE lobby has identified one female"victim" in the video as "journalist Isaippiriya". A still photo of this video footage showing the exact same "victim" was identified in Lankanewsweb and many other web sites as LTTE supremo's daughter, Miss Dwarka Prabakaran, in the December of 2009. It is apparent that two images show exactly the same person, at one particular time, no description is even necessary. The dresses wounds and even the environment matches faultlessly.

This image first appeared in Lankanewsweb, an anonymous site supposedly maintained by a Sri Lankan opposition supporter with alleged LTTE ties. When it first appeared it gained a wide publicity, as the web site alleged that the photo might be of Prabakarans daughter. reports the current image was identified as Miss Isaippiriya by a Tamilnet "Vanni correspondant" now living in a western country. If the photos are indeed of LTTE "journalist" Miss Isaippiriya it is puzzling why the first and much clearer photo, was not identified correctly, given the wide publicity the photos attracted and Miss Isaippiriya being a widely known "media" personnel.

Therefor it is clear that the channel 4 video is a fabrication, formulated to tarnish the image of Sri Lanka and generate an undue agitation around the Sri Lankan presidents recent visit to the Oxford University.

It was reported the LTTE lobby in Britain was inquiring about the possibility of arresting the Sri Lankan President during his current visit. Infuriated by their own failure, it is plausible that they would have manufactured a new war crimes video to disrupt the visit. In their haste they might have forgotten that they already released some of the "new" content of the video in 2009 December.

It is the responsibility of the channel 4 networks journalists to assure the authenticity of the material, they present as evidence of a serious crime. As professional journalists, reporting on Sri Lankan conflict, they are sure to have encountered the first photographs of this alleged victim, and would have questioned the authenticity of the video. Therefor it is clear that the "journalists" in channel 4 network are aiding the LTTE lobby in their dishonest agenda ,and have a deep rooted hatred towards Sri Lanka and its people


  1. good post.

    the whole thing was obviously an attempt at creating fake controversy at the time of pez's uk visit