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Monday, July 20, 2009

Lasantha wickramatunga worked for the LTTE?

PANOS chief fixes Lasantha posthumously

PSC receives list of journalists hired by PANOS

The Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) investigating INGOs and NGOs based in Sri Lanka has received a list of journalists employed by PANOS South Asia to report on what the INGO called conflict issues. The journalists, mostly from the print media, have signed memoranda of understanding with PANOS South Asia for submitting a specific number of articles for Rs. 96,000.

Well informed sources said that in keeping with the agreement, the articles had to be submitted to several other persons on its payroll for their comments before publication.

Sources said those who had been picked as advisors were prominent INGO operatives involved in mega foreign funded projects.

PANOS representatives in Sri Lanka appeared before the PSC twice. Responding to queries raised by the all party select committee, PANOS Sri Lanka Country Representative Swendrini Kakuchi (a Sri Lankan married to a Japanese) had acknowledged that she contributed to the pro-LTTE Tamilnet before joining the PANOS operation, sources said. Pressed on to reveal the person who asked her to contribute to the Tamilnet, now banned in Sri Lanka, the former LTTE propagandist had named Lasantha Wickrematunga, the slain editor of The Sunday Leader as the go-between.

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