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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Is Gen. Sarath Fonseka Running for President of Sri Lanka?

It has been debated by many people whether Gen. Sarath Fonseka is running for precidency against President Mahinda Rajapaksha. The pro UNP junk web sites and JVP site (Lanka truth) has been exaggerating the facts trying to convince Gen Fonseka to believe that there is a massive movement asking him to run against President Rajapaksha, but to the contary there is little or no public support for such candidacy.
There have been many signs showing a rift between Gen. Fonseka and President Rajapaksha, meetings with Ranil Wikramasinghe, policy negotiations etc. All ponting to Gen Fonseka running in the UNA ticket. Even though the signs are ubiquitous many people seems to be oblivion to the fact that Gen Fonseka is running, or they seems to be stunned by the thought of Gen Fonseka allying with his worst critics like Mangala Samaraweera, Ranil Wikramasinghe, etc. This blog is to review the evidence associated with this situation.

1. Rift between government and Gen. Fonseka
This is not the place to investigate why, we will do that later. But here are the evidence to support that there is a rift.
a) Gen. Fonseka never denied it.
b)Governmnet sensored Gen Fonseka from all government sponsored media. Even his speech at the Army 6oth anniversary.
c) Gen Fonseka avoided a book signing event where all the former commanders and Sec. of defence Gotabaya Rajapaksha was present.

2. Gen Fonseka talked to Ranil Wikramasinghe.
Many News papers including Divaina and websites reported this.

3. Gen Fonseka's supporters met with Mano Ganesahan who has opposed Gen Fonseka being the UNA common candidate.
Not only has this been reported by many reputed media, but Gen. has also agreed to review conditions put forth by Mano Ganeshan.

Many people seems to think that these reports are false claims by Ranil Wikramasinghe and Mano Ganeshan to discredit or disorient the nationalistic movemnets, "you cant fix stupid" is what comes to my mind. Ranil and Mano might have vested interests and their interests might be harmful for the nation, but they are not idiots. If these reports are false claims by Mano and Ranil as many people think their political base will fall like a deck of cards when they are exposed, Ranil or Mano or anyone with an iota of political brain would not spread such rumors if they are false. So the final conclusion. They are true.

4. Gen Fonsekas Washington speech.
General is seen here critisizing the governmnet and even attacking and ridiculing certain ministers about their thoughts on war. Why would he do that? Who are those governmnet people he is attacking? As far as we know people who critisized the governmnet war efforts , even within the governmnet such as Mangala Samaraweera, Sripathi Sooriyarchichi and Vijedasa Rajapaksha are now with the UNP. Why is Gen Fonseka leaving out these people who heinously attacked security foeces at the darkest hour and trying to sling shots at an anonymouse minister in the government? This again is a clear indication that the Gen is unhappy with the governmnet.

5. Gen Fonseka's interviews
When asked about politics soon after the end of war, the gen flatly rejected his entry, but recently he has been dodging the question , and in his latest interview he has said that any person has the right to enter politics and no one can question that.

6. Constitutional problem chatter.
C.A. Chandraprema of The Island showed that people serving in the defense or police cannot run for elected office according to Sri Lanka's constitution and that the Chief of defense staff (Gen. Fonsekas current position) cannot resign the post if the president refuse to accept the resignation.
This seems to have exploded the political circles in Colombo, specially the UNP ones, and they were investigating the constitutionality of Chandrapremas claims. You can see how far it went as the president has openly said he would accept the resignation if Gen. Fonseka wants to resign. If he was not running there wont be any chatter about this matter.
Another clear indication Gen. Fonseka is the UNA candidate.

7. Last but not least, UNA (UNP, Mangala , Mano Hakim alliance) has declared Gen. Fonseka is UNA candidate.

Again takes me back to my commnets on the second evidence. If Gen has not agreed, its political suicide for UNP, they wouldn't announce it, if they haven't announced such thing, they would have said the reports are false.

Going through all these evidence its pretty clear that Gen. Fonseka is allying with Ranil Mangal Mano and will be running against President Rajapaksha.

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